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Hey everyone!

Wow I don’t even know where to begin. I was just lying on my bed in my dorm thinking about what I used to do for fun as a kid. It then occurred to me that I used to blog and chat with people on AA/CP a lot. I quickly ran over to my laptop and pulled up my Bella2aa and RibbonPrizes website and everything was still there as I have left it four years or maybe five years ago.

Holy crap it has been a long time since I’ve been on a WordPress blog. I went through Tric72 and Candy’s blog and saw that they published a few posts recently. Hopefully, I can catch up with all of you guys, provided that ya’ll read this post. lol. Anyways, how have I been doing? Well, I am currently a first year at the University of California, Los Angeles, so if any of ya’ll are this school, hmu. College is definitely a lot more chill since I have a lot more free time. I wish I could get back in to blogging or re-opening RibbonPrizes, but I believe that this extra free time should go toward looking for jobs or internships. Believe me, I would love to reopen RibbonPrizes but I honestly do not think I have the time or the money haha. So what do I do with my free time besides studying and prepping for exams? Well, I spend a large chunk of my free time playing intramural volleyball. Intramural sports in college is way different than your standard high school sports team. Intramural sports (IMs) tend to be much less competitive and only serves as recreational play. As most of you know, I was an avid student athlete in high school and you may wonder why I chose not to play collegiate or club sports. To be quite honest, playing at the collegiate/club level consumes so much of a college student life that they often miss out on joining clubs/enjoying the college life. Though I must say I do have a great interest in playing club sports next year so we’ll see. haha. Hm….what else do I do with my free time? Well, during the summer before college, I bought an FPS video game called Overwatch and I would say I am definitely addicted to it. I que up to play Overwatch with my friends almost every weekend; something I should definitely tone down if I want to do well in academics. But I’m definitely down to play once in a while so lmk if any of ya’ll play. 😛

Anyways, if any ya’ll want to catch up, comment or find one of my social medias so that we can find a better way to talk. c:




A brand new CPMV. Check it out!



Also, continue to check out my Youtube Channel for cool videos! Enjoy.




Sign up for free CP membership!

Hey guys,

Want free Club Penguin memberships? Then you should totally sign up for this site!


I can assure you that this is totally safe. I received lots of prizes from there already! Additionally, that site gives away other cool stuff as well!

Just sign up and complete a couple offers, if you don’t like it, then you don’t have to use it! But there is no harm in trying it out!

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Donut Coupon for Bella46076

This is a great Donut Offer! Bella46076 hop over to Krispy Kreme before its too late! WOO! Great deal, I would go myself! 😀

Safeway and Costco

So the other day I went to Safeway and Costco. I got to finish up this post cause I got something to do. So enjoy this post maybe? (:

Yay! Fruit Snacks! ( I didn’t buy any)

Starbucks in Safeway. 😀 I got Vanilla Bean.

This is where I buy all the game cards for Ribbon Prizes. Please ignores those ladies, they were in my way!!! D:

Costco Bears! (Tric told me to take this)

Okay! Bye! I hope you enjoyed those pictures!


Random Post


Here’s a video of me playing TF2. (:


Update: Here’s the video of me playing the Donut Maker! For Bella46076


So I got really bored yesterday so I decided to draw this! Take a look below:

The entire drawing.

Left Side!


Right side.

Also, I made a donut on the Apple App DONUT MAKER! Just for you Bella46076! I’ll make you more donuts or ill make a video!

hehe. thats all! This is a really random post.